Dance-Movement Team: Marcos Matus, Luna Anais.

Architecture-Space Team: Constanza Quioza, Juan Pablo Puigrredón, Francisca Santamaría.

Location : Santiago de Chile.

Project Year:   2017

Typology: Audiovisual.                        

Project Memory

What is the intersection between architecture and dance? Exists? Is it relevant?

Space and body, at least to explore.

RADAR together with Marcos Matus (Chilean choreographer and dancer) create Conectoma, and carry out a series of investigations using light, space, and the body as incentives. (video 1)

From this research the idea of ​​breaking space and with it time appears.

The simultaneous audiovisual resource would seem to be a compelling tool to carry it out.

Dancers on stage and different cameras for the same moment, from different views, in different spaces:

"The horror of the void; taken to dance from the" multiple perspective of the creator "and the" interactivity of the spectator ", both as means to fill this void from infinite structures. This is the premise by which the Conectoma Collective investigates and exposes the conditions of space, movement, time, and the (human) body in an artistic-creative production.

The investigation exposes the diversity of forms and meanings of dance from a series of audiovisual records; For this, different national choreographers will be invited, whose task will be to build a landscape loaded with moving forms under their contemporary vision of the Baroque expression Horror Vacui. A relationship of tension between the human body with space, matter, territory, design, image and form, using as a means the technological-technical and human support that we as researchers can provide (the laboratory conception led to dance, by a series of cameras, lighting, scenic proximity, human bodies, locations, etc.).

On the other hand, the presentation of this research will be proposed to the viewer under the condition of the decision; a simile of the narrative technique "reading interactivity" (proposed by J. Cortazar in Hopscotch for example), taken to cameras in a game of elections, perceptions and points of view, which enrich the experience and also the transfer of knowledge to the observer of the creative documentary.

Both creative techniques worked in unison allow us to approach the concept of infinity from the exponential multiplication of representation results, under the multimedia support provided by YouTube and / or another digital tool that allows such multiple interactions. "

What is the intersection between architecture and dance? Does it exist? Is it relevant?

Yes, space as what appears with the presence of the body, the choreographer as the architect, the director as the project manager, matter as the body.



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